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Heya how are you guys?

2009-01-30 18:25:53 by yoyo121

Hey until Mirage is out i have a song made by a favorite person of mine its called "Aura Wave" it's really good check it out although i couldn't put it in a link cause im a dumbass and ill figure that out later so hope that helps see ya
P.S. I meant to have my name Mirage121 so sry guys but anyway bye!


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2009-01-30 18:41:36

Ayo man its goin down tonight all the hippinest hoppinest gansta's gettin it on at Paryl's place with a sick-ass cypher check it out and join in yo this is gonna b da bomb of the century!

yoyo121 responds:

i might


2009-02-01 14:03:40

Sorry, you can't post a link to the song because is still waiting in the moderation section, And will be waiting a little more until you'll remove or change it.
It is against the rules to post works that are not made by you.
(I'm one of the moderators)

(Updated ) yoyo121 responds:

oh well thank you for letting me know and sorry for that did yu get rid of it?