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hey it seems not enough of people are reading my profile asking for the job to be one of the characters i have 3 comments please i need parts i dont want to sound desperate but look please and email my newgrounds account so i can give you a part it might not be voice acting if thats what its all about so help i neeed to get this online before october so please if you dont want the part theres only one thing to do SPREAD THE WORD!

hey its a new guy

2008-08-14 10:53:17 by yoyo121

Hey im andrew and my name was supposed to be different but someone took it if you see this be aware that if you like series with action and stuff like that be ready ill do my best to the series i know as MIRAGE if you see this and want a voice part and actually know how to do it send me a file with your audition at my email ok? thanks

NEWS ALERT! my friend is out soanyone who reads this spread the word that if anyone in my series wants a voice part and wants the power of darkness email me quick!