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2009-04-16 16:04:04 by yoyo121

How was your day? Talk about it on here.

Yo hows it goin

2009-03-30 11:27:20 by yoyo121

How are you people?

Updates on music

2009-03-01 12:00:37 by yoyo121

Morning everyone! I'm currently working on a new song right now so ill be done in about two or three days. I just want to keep the 15 people that actually view and listen to my music posted.

That's Not Very Nice...

2009-02-24 19:22:08 by yoyo121

I'm not gonna be high and mighty but someone bashed both of my songs. Whoever did it that's not cool you probably never even heard it you just bashed it and if you did and thought it was bad post a review idiot. That's not cool but to all the people who liked my music thank you!!!! I'm working on a new song but will i give a due date? Not yet. I want it to be a secret too. Well see ya!


Pre-Review for Sonic and the Black Knight

2009-02-21 21:47:26 by yoyo121

Hello again i had to post early because there is something i need to talk about...Sonic and the Black Knight also if you don't know my new song is out it's called "Robo Madhouse" but anyways i have heard stuff about it and this is what i think:
I may be a die-hard sonic fan and it may be the next game in the storybook series but it looks corny. the gameplay looks cool with the sword (even though the sword talks which i find stupid). Now i dont like the fact that:
1. The rings are replaced with fairies that's REALLY stupid.
2. You can't use a homing attack
3. Since Sonic has sidekicks he's going to have ALOT of people talking to him at the same damn time! Seriously I love sonic don't get me wrong. But i will get this game and when i do i will post a review on it when i beat it so far. In my opinion it looks like a 7 or 7.5 out of 10 but i'm done make any comments you have to say I just felt like talking about it.


2009-02-21 20:43:12 by yoyo121

Hi i guess for now im gonna specialize my work in song so here is my new song it's called Robo Madhouse check it out!
From Mirage

I'm Bored...

2009-02-05 16:16:26 by yoyo121

I'm bored im still in production but until then whenever i come on make a subject and ill talk about it in my next post

Heya how are you guys?

2009-01-30 18:25:53 by yoyo121

Hey until Mirage is out i have a song made by a favorite person of mine its called "Aura Wave" it's really good check it out although i couldn't put it in a link cause im a dumbass and ill figure that out later so hope that helps see ya
P.S. I meant to have my name Mirage121 so sry guys but anyway bye!

Im sorry guys

2009-01-29 14:47:50 by yoyo121

Hey i know I was planning Mirage but it wont be out for some time im sorry but i have something to say...
I saw the twilight sucked ever since then i havent touched a twilight book ive only read the first book and it was terrible. The only reason girls see it is to see Edward and Bella is an emo."Why didn't you let me die Edward?" Give me a break flame i don't care i just want to say twilight is not as craked up as people say it is

heya hows it going?

2008-08-20 16:07:12 by yoyo121

all right but before i say anything NO PROMISES the mirage series first episode has a chance of being up next week so keep that in mind